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Керамическая защита

Локальный ремонт краски

Авто Сервис

Ремонт вмятин без покраски

Реставрация интерьера

Керамическая покрытия

Ремонт лобовых стекол

Мойка и Химчистка

Bumper repair


Центр Авто Технологий «AutoLux» предлагает уникальный комплекс для косметического обслуживания автомобилей "Бизнес под ключ"!
- Детейлинг, керамическая защита
- Реставрация интерьера
- Ремонт вмятин без покраски
- Ремонт литых дисков
- Ремонт лобовых стекол


Обучение производиться по направлениям:
- Детейлинг
- Ремонт вмятин без покраски.
- Локальный ремонт краски.
- Реставрация интерьера.
- Ремонт литых дисков.
- Ремонт лобовых стекол.
- Керамическая защита.


Компаниям, заинтересованным в организации бизнеса по продаже материалов для детейлинга, реставрации и профессионального оборудования технологии ремонт вмятин без покраски, мы предлагаем сотрудничество. Открытие региональных представительств позволит большему числу сервисов приобрести инструмент для ремонта вмятин без покраски.

Repair of dents without painting

We will teach you to use the tools of acupressure, adhesive and vacuum systems, hammers for blending, system voltage and other things that you will need in the future work. We will disclose to you the secrets of working with metal, rich experience and accumulated knowledge of the best masters PDR. Our teaching methodology is based on a deep understanding of the process of straightening metal. You will be trained and prepared by professionals with the highest qualifications. We will teach you the various techniques used in the exclusive technology of PDR. Our training centers are made as comfortable as possible so that you could only think about the case, and to learn that we have laid the foundation for the development worthy of your skills. We guarantee you full support from 1 minute to the last second of training, as well as additional practice after training for free! Education PDR / DOL technology spend specialists trained in the US and the best masters of Europe. The course is held in a comfortable learning environment. Nonresident provided accommodation. Most of the material-technical base – under each student is allocated a separate tool. After the course you will receive an international certificate.

Body repair and locally 


Due to its versatility, our course will be useful regardless of age or initial training of future specialists. Intensive and flexible training program will reduce the time to learn the local elements of the car body painting and learn how to do it efficiently and in a short time. The curriculum includes:

-          Theory of color (base coloristic)

-          Kinds and types of paint materials, methods of use

-          The technology of the local painting

-          Repair chips, scratches and small defects LKP

-          The technology of repair plastic parts

-          Defects in coloring of the body

-          Practical classes


Training takes place at the training center Avtotehnology «AutoLux», which specializes in the training and retraining of PDR.   The curriculum includes the following topics:

  1. How to wash properly and accurately the car. Learn all the features of a professional car wash. Become familiar with the methods of contact and contactless sink how to dry the car after washing, which tools to use for this purpose. How to quickly and efficiently apply a protective agent after washing.
  2.  Features and nuances of washing and cleaning of the engine, as well as funds for the  protection  and preservation of the engine.
  3. Familiarization with all types of coatings. Learn the difference between acrylics and metallic. What it consists of Metallica as well to emphasize (reveal) the depth of shade. Learn the difference MS, HS, VHS, UHS varnishes, all the technological secrets of working with them.
  4. Mastering the art of working with thickness gauges. Learn how to properly examine the paintwork of the vehicle. Details will understand from what is LCP layers of a new car, what is the difference of the factory coating material from a painting in the service station. Learn how to remove paint defects of service and attach painted parts factory form, as well as master the program to remove chips and deep scratches.
  5. Familiarization with the most advanced systems of polishing, an opportunity to test and compare different systems of polishing. Getting unique skills to quickly, and most importantly quality of  car polish, achieving mirror effect QTL.
  6. Review of all known types of protective coatings from all over the world. Methods for the correct application of wax, ceramic protection based on nanotechnology. Inspection of material: Glaze, waxes, sealants, their purpose and how to work with them. Secrets best detailers of our country, and our foreign colleagues.

7. The most effective methods of restoration and polishing chrome elements, how to update and protect outdoor unpainted plastic. Rules applying  hydrophobic coatings for glass.

8. The best and most effective ways to clean rims and brake calipers. Methods of cleaning and protecting rubber tire sealants. Special funds for the protection and impart hydrophobic properties of rims and tires.

9. A method of best cleaning an antiallergic interior, its advantages over conventional dry cleaning. How   to  clean  suede,  Alcantara ceiling. How to clean correctly  and protect leather seats from dirt, cracking, fading. What are the most effective means to protect the interior of the vehicle.

10. How to polish the car’s headlights. Methods for polishing retaining protective coating, protective coating headlight restoration of a similar factory.

11. A method of neutralizing odors in the vehicle, as well as to maintain than pleasant aromas in the cabin for a long time.

12. Get information about the most effective ways to promote your business on the market in your area. The correct method of positioning your services. Skills and proper communication with customers to develop permanent and lasting relationships. The best ways to acquire specific materials for detailing.


Eliminating burned, cuts, abrasions, scratches and other troubles in the salon using professional kits and tools. Painting  leather, vinyl, plastic and carpeting.

REPAIR windshields

Rapid removal of chips and cracks on the windshield using special components and materials

Repair chips of paint

Repair chips of paint, paint preparation for any car, proper application of paint

Working with film 3M CARBON bookings

Training of the pasters of the body of the car  film and processing liquid film 3M.